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ahh the good ol days Whats the most nostalgic part of old school gaming Is it collecting like we did with comic books Is it the iconic music Is it reliving some of the most meaningful memories of our younger years We cover everything from comics movies and voice acting to chronological timelines and some tubular in depth reviews Join our podcast for a look back at our fondest memories in pop culture and some of the most toughest games in the industry
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RGN #30 - Rate & Review: Star Fox (SNES 1993)

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RGN#24 : Golden Axe (Sega Genesis)

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real game reviews.

Real gamers.

L a comic con
Check out our Panel at Comic Con about Psychology Gaming with our Special Guest Dr Andrea Letamendi

RGN#15 LA Comic Con '19 Panel Psychology & Gaming w/ Dr Andrea Letamendi

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RGN #21 A Look Back at X-Men: The Animated Series with Eric & Julia Lewald

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Retro in pop culture
Saturday Mornings Cartoons came everyday for all gamers Check Out our Live Retrospective with Show Runners of X Men The Animated Series

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Damian Dicarlo

He's the host of Game Nights at his home and also host of the podacsting world. Damian loves all things Nostalgia and Retro Gaming

Your Hosts

earl lawrence

He's not just all business, Earl is the childhood buddy you never knew you had! Earl loves revisiting games of old when rating and reviewing

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